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WE ARE AN ECOSYSTEM of your peers; friends; quality resources; teachers; fun-filled, interactive and quality learning and curriculum - you are the only one missing

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Personalized your learning

Our Pedagogical Morpheme innovation uses artificial intelligence to provide you Computer Adaptive Learning (CAL). We are first to implement CAL on videos i.e. class experience including video contents on any topic you are learning is entirely unique to you. This happens irrespective of the number of people learning the topic

Stream videos at 2MB/Hour

Our technology allows you to access contents at high internet speed and to stream or download learning contents including videos with minimal data consumption e.g. 2MB/Hour. This also works on real life videos and other audiovisuals!

Access to a massive educative catalogue

We got you covered if you go offline or live in a region without internet penetration, our easy-to-use technology allows you to connect, share and collaborate online in real-time with teachers and peers from across border without the internet

Explore, learn & collaborate without the internet

WE ARE AN ECOSYSTEM of your peers; friends; quality resources; teachers; fun-filled, interactive and quality learning and curriculum - you are the only one missing


Explore milliontextbooks, classnotes, journal papers,workbooks, serials etcon DSTClasselectronic library (e-lib


Use our instructionallab (i-lab) to createamazing andengaginginstructional videocontents in just a fewclicks customize yourvideo to your taste


Make learning fun byconnecting withpeers and teachersfrom around theglobe to gain andshare quality real-lifelearning experience


Run your sciencepractical's in ourelectronic lab (e-lab)it works like magicthe only difference isthat you use only thetip of your finger

you a learner?


you a teacher?

We know your curriculum

We know you doing Nigerian,American or British curriculum; weknow when are doing exam or learningto pass a class and any case got youcovered.

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We know your curriculum icon

We knowyour school & style

So don’t bother, we don’t conflict withyour teachers – we make sure there areproud of you and we too – also believe in:“No Pain, No Gain”; but as much as we can,we make sure learning with us is engaging,dynamic and fun.

To crown it all;
we know you

We don’t only get you the best of the best teachers to teach; we ensure you also have verified and competent local teachers who understand your language and school more to explain (one-on-one) whenever you don’t understand anything our expert teacher taught.

Connect with
peer teachers

We get global, inspired and empowered to unleash your potentials by providing a platform to connect with other teachers from around the world.

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Gain unlimitedaccess to resources

We provide you with the tools you need to create and manage dynamic class session – you can create engaging and dynamic video contents simply from your smart device using our instruction laboratory – create science practical lab session from our highly customizable e-laboratory – and much more!!!

Every day is
teachers’ day with us

We Don’t Believe Your Reward is in Heaven only – we allow you get celebrity’s pay to begin here – and then celebrate you till your worldwide claim. You only need to show us what you got.

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